with Lunch Special, Logos The Poetic, Shamothy, Empress Rav and DJ TuffLuck

Saturday, April 20
Doors: 7pm

1. All shows are standing room only unless otherwise notated
2. No Smoking/Vaping permitted anywhere inside venue
3. Bags/purses will be checked at the door
4. Must have ID for entry
5. All tickets are picked up via will call starting at the time of doors
6. Appropriate clothing required at all times (tops and bottoms covered)

Chandler, a rapper originally from Newport News, VA, and currently based out of Richmond, gained prominence with the viral hit ‘FIGURE IT OUT,’ a collaboration with producer Stafford Beats and rapper YNG Martyr. Since starting his rap journey in 2005, Chandler has showcased his talent on various stages across the US. After a hiatus from music to pursue acting, including a stint in New York City, Chandler returned to the music scene in 2021 with a bang. With a significant digital presence and over 9 million streams in the past year, Chandler's music, characterized by tracks like ‘Hot Pocket’ and ‘DOUBLE GOOSE,’ has resonated widely. His unique wordplay and outlandish persona have garnered acclaim, earning spots on Spotify playlists like ‘Internet People’ and ‘New Music Friday AU & NZ.’ Chandler's recent appearances on platforms like ‘On The Radar’ in New York and successful tours attest to his rising influence in the rap scene.
Shamothy is a rapper based out of Memphis, TN. He is multi-instrumentalist that plays in several bands with varying genres but is ultimately rooted in the hardcore and emo music scene. All of these influences shine through in a vast catalog of singles and EP’s released over the last 3 years.
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