DRAG BRUNCH: “The Queens that Broke the Camel’s Back”

Saturday, June 05
Show: | 11:30am // Doors: | 11am
$35 to $45

Select your desired table from the map below, one ticket reserves the entire table. Red marks around tables notate the number of seats at each table.

The Queens that Broke the Camel’s Back” Drag Brunch every first Saturday of the month at The Camel! Hosted by Chicki Parm. Join us for laughs, cheers, and plenty of afternoon drinks while enjoying delicious food and a varied lineup of drag performers for what will without a doubt be the best show EVER!

This Month’s Performers:

June performer Instagram handles:
Chicki Parm
Jasmen Clitopatra
London Lestrange
Katja Attenshun
@kat ja_attenshun
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