Abby K & Half Past Dead

Abby K is a bassist, vocalist, and songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. She picked up the bass at age 13 after being influenced by Gene Simmons at a KISS Concert. Months into her musical journey, she was 1 of 3 bassists in the United States selected to attend GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, CA. Abby was soon later invited by the producers of America’s Got Talent to audition for the show. She claims that her proudest moment was when Nita Strauss joined her onstage to perform Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”. Since then, she has developed her own style of musicianship which is commonly described as the love child of Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Lita Ford. In the spring of 2021, Abby K became an independent artist and announced that Crispy Borell and Diego Vargas will be joining the band as co – lead guitarists. Recently, the new lineup released the title track of their upcoming album, “Pay Attention” as a single.   Half Past Dead: Passion, perseverance, and dedication. These are three words that best describe the history and attitude of Half Past Dead. Hailing from the streets of Richmond, Virginia, Half Past Dead is the hard rock dreamchild of four outcast musicians with a vision. Centered around punchy guitar riffs, intensive drums and bass, electrifying vocals, and impactful lyrics, the quartet of misfit rockers create music that is both hard-hitting and heartbreaking. HPD fosters a big-picture perspective on life and strives to show the world to care about what matters most in it. In March of 2020, Half Past Dead dove straight into the process of recording their first full-length album titled “Kiss The World Goodbye”. With a fresh set of new band members, HPD is ready to return to the spotlight! Half Past Dead has released three singles from their upcoming album! Listen to The Evil That You Make, Show Me The Way, and The Deal on YouTube! Select your desired table from the map below, one ticket reserves the entire table. Red marks around tables notate the number of seats at each table.