Ripping Headaches & True Metal Warrior Present

Esoteric & Chthe'ilist

with Night Hag and Eradicant

Tuesday, May 21
Doors: 7pm


1. All shows are standing room only unless otherwise notated
2. No Smoking/Vaping permitted anywhere inside venue
3. Bags/purses will be checked at the door
4. Must have ID for entry
5. All tickets are picked up via will call starting at the time of doors
6. Appropriate clothing required at all times (tops and bottoms covered)


Hailing from the birthplace of heavy metal, Birmingham, England, Esoteric was founded in 1992 by Greg Chandler (vocals/guitar) and Gordon Bicknell (guitar/samples/keyboards), their intentions being to set their moniker to music by way of dark, drawn-out, tormented, but also cinematic extreme death/doom. And, after filling their ranks with a voluble group of henchmen, their ensuing double albums, 1994's Epistemological Despondency and 1997's The Pernicious Enigma did just that, giving new meaning to the genre by consisting of but six or seven protracted songs each. By comparison, 1999's single-disc Metamorphogenesis (incremented with spikes of feedback and modern acid rock) was looked upon as a mini-album, and preceded a long hiatus during which Chandler, Bicknell, and then current members Steve Peters (guitar), Trevor Lines (bass), and Keith York (drums) would convene only at distant intervals to work on a fourth album. The wait, ironically enough, only helped fuel Esoteric's growing cult following, and when it finally emerged through Season of Mist in 2004, the four-track Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum proved their most successful and -- if that's possible -- accessible effort yet. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi
Death Metal from the bowels of The Xexanotth. Est. 2010. Profound Lore Records / Productions TSO
Death metal from Richmond, VA
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