Kooler Heads

with F Train and LoveRedemption

Thursday, May 30
Doors: 7pm


1. All shows are standing room only unless otherwise notated
2. No Smoking/Vaping permitted anywhere inside venue
3. Bags/purses will be checked at the door
4. Must have ID for entry
5. All tickets are picked up via will call starting at the time of doors
6. Appropriate clothing required at all times (tops and bottoms covered)


Kooler Heads from RVA formed in 2021 and is comprised of five long-time friends and musical collaborators. The band plays a mix of their own compositions, rock and americana deep cuts, and some good ole Grateful Dead jams. From small pubs to large festivals, Kooler Heads music is perfect for… havin’ a real good time!
F TRAIN is a four piece rock band hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Greg Layton, acoustic guitar and vocals, and Ali John Amirshahi, electric guitar and vocals, started playing original material and a mix of blues, country, and classic rock covers in the late 90’s under the name 100th Monkey. They later changed the name to Fevered Train, and now, with the recent addition of renowned bassist Keith MacPhee, (Single Bullet Theory, Mike Tighe and the Bow Ties, Tin Can Fish Band) and former New York drummer/ vocalist Mike Linn (Deprogrammers, Iron Prostate, the Big Guys) have renamed themselves F TRAIN. With a rhythmic, melodic mix of sounds, spanning a spectrum of rhythm and straight up rock, they always keep the party going! Jump on the F TRAIN if you get the chance! It's much more fun than the Party Bus.
Making their home in Richmond VA, LoveRedemption is the union of Wayne and JessicaPooley. While their connection to each other goes far back, their story really began with a chance encounter in 2012 that would reunite their then separate lives and mark the start of their musical collaboration. The deep connection between them is hard not to feel when they play music together. With an emphasis on strong vocals and intimate harmonies, the couple weave their way through a broad variety of some of their favorite music. Having a disparate group of influences between them, Jessica and Wayne draw on decades of American Folk, R&B, Gospel, and Rock and Roll from artists such as Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, Chrissie Hynde, Leon Russell, J.J. Cale, Bill Monroe, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welchand others. Often featuring the talents of some of the areas finest musicians as well as national touring artists, their arrangements can scale down to an intimate private setting or up to the unbridled energy of a full band.
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